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Under The Bridge
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Dr Alan Blacker & Co. CIC.

A recognised not-for-profit Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales with the regulator for Community Interest Companies number 14277484. We are licensed to help under the Government's Money and Pensions Service including debt and insolvency advice.


Still here - Still serving

 0203 47 999 57 

Our office number

Business hours

Mon-Thur 9 am - 5 pm Fri 10 am - 2 pm.


Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6 pm till 7:30 pm and NEW! Saturdays from Noon till 4 pm

Out of hours 07981 527693

25 years of service to the most vulnerable and charities

In April 2023 we helped  76 new people (plus ten repeating clients) and acted on 8 instructions from 5 countries.


We are a multidiscipline legal advice centre, providing professional legal care to companies, charities, not-for-profits and private individuals.

In order to make justice accessible, we offer free legal help to eligible pensioners, the disabled, the ill, the incarcerated, and veterans. A pension or benefit appeal, a criminal matter, contact or educational issues, or any other issue concerning the elderly, disabled, or those who are vulnerable due to poverty, social exclusion or marginalisation, could fall under this heading.

We provide top-rank services to commercial clients too. 

We represent over one hundred and fifty businesses, as in-house counsel.  From airlines to aerial fitters to train companies to medical research new starts.


Over twenty thousand people (in total) have been helped by us to achieve justice in their lives and to achieve real and effective change and we have represented over eleven thousand clients to date.

We are proud to have won first place in the Leading Regional Providers of Pro Bono Legal Services in the Northern Enterprise Awards and this marks a high demand for our services coupled with excellent overall client service.

The judges said "Our panel considers carefully the voting and nomination information and any additional that our internal research team has come across both online and in the public domain.

In order to be awarded, there must be evidence of expertise within a given field; dedication to customer/client service, satisfaction and retention; and an ongoing commitment to providing excellent work. "


We are the nations leading Legal Advice Service for those who are vulnerable or who work with the socially marginalised—helping disabled individuals or charities.

Some of the areas we cover for legal clients:

  • Medical Law and Personal Injury

  • Criminal Defence

  • Civil Legal Advice and Litigation

  • Debts on the verge or in legal stages

  • Police law, actions against the police

  • Family law, protecting property and enforcing rights.

  • Disputes over wills and estates

  • Welfare benefits and tribunals

  • Education law, schools, colleges, universities